Get 3 FREE Fat Burning / Muscle Building Workout Videos You Can Do At Home -- Plus FREE Nutritional Guide and  Recipe eBook With 45 Healthy Recipes

Different than everything else out there -- this is a workout you’ll actually do.  And the results are unparalleled! 


3 Fat Burning Workouts

You get 3 super efficient workout videos designed to maximize results in the smallest amount of time possible.

Designed for Max Efficiency

Workouts designed for maximum efficiency so you only have to workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes -- and get amazing results!

Maximize your metabolic burn! 

You can burn over 500 calories per workout! And the best part is the “afterburn effect”...  you increase your metabolic rate and continue burning calories up to 48 hours after the workout!  †

Workout at Home

You can do the workouts at home -- you only need a few feet of space and one kettlebell or dumbbell.  

The Team Duwe Workouts and Nutritional Guide Will Make You Feel Amazing!

Lose weight and tone up

Tone and strengthen your entire body

Increase energy

Strengthen your abs/core

Get rid of joint and back pain

Lower anxiety and improve your mood

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I joined Team Duwe Fitness a few years ago and lost close to 50 lbs in under a year. Mike is an awesome trainer and will push you to do your best.

Alexis Eckart

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Nathan Byrnes

Only with hard work and dedication will you get great results, Team Duwe Fit will help get you there. The workouts are geared to target multiple muscle groups during high intensity periods. 

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† Results vary depending on the individual and effort put forth.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

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